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Communication Tools

Our Communication Tools provide for online collaboration during content development, ongoing management of the policies and procedures system, and for communication of implemented policies and procedures to stakeholders.   Copedia Communication Tools are ideal for working with colleagues and groups when fine tuning our content templates.  Communication of implemented policies and procedures to employees and others using the internet is greener, less expensive, and preferable to easily dated printed manuals.  Many companies now conform to the "Online version is the current version" policy.  Our communication tools are very easy to use for everyone involved.





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Communication Tools:

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Copedia Web Office Desktop

Storage Space for your business content, Document management, Development and presentation tools, Online Databases and Spreadsheet tools,

Projects, Phases, Tasks, Notes, Discussions

Online Personal and Group Calendars

Upload files, documents, and Photo's

Online Announcements, and Sites

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Copedia Content and Copedia Communications Tools are licensed separately - so you can get either or both.


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