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Contractor Policies and Procedures Templates

A Framework of Templates

The Copedia Contractor Edition templates are a complete and proven framework designed to aid the efficient operation of construction companies and contractors. Any business that works on a contract or bid basis, including government contractors will be interested in these editions.

Contractor and Construction Company Policies and Procedure Templates

Copedia provides contractors, construction companies, and project-oriented businesses the tools, text, and framework for implementing an organized and integrated system of formalized policies, procedures, and best practices for management, accounting, employees, safety, and project management. Copedia is a collection of policies, procedures, forms, best practices, and templates. It downloads in MS Word and Excel files for quick and easy customization.

Included in Copedia are management, accounting, and employee handbooks, safety and hazard communication programs, forms, fiscal policy, and procedures like accounts receivable and payable, budgeting, office job duties, legal, monthly reporting, management, operations and more.

The Copedia Compliance Editions include our GRC Templates (Governance, Risk, and Compliance Templates).

All templates are delivered in MS Word and Excel format. The Compliance Editions also include the Copedia Web App with the templates.

Following is a partial list of templates included in the Construction Company Policy and Procedures Templates:

Accounting Policy and Procedures for Contractors

Includes Job Costing and Project Accounting

Overview of includes:

  • Accounting Policies and Procedures
  • Accounting for Revenue
  • Accounts Receivable Billing with Retainage
  • Accounts Payable with Subcontractors and Retainage
  • Job Costing and Accounting for Project Costs
  • Cash Disbursements
  • Period End Close Procedures
  • Financial Reporting Policies and Procedures
  • Financial and Accounting Internal Control Templates
  • Project Reporting
  • Internal Control for Project Management
  • Internal Control Evaluation Tools
  • Segregation/Division of Duties identified in the documents
  • Flowcharts of accounting processes for visuals
  • Records Management
  • Purchasing and Procurement
  • Benchmarking and Best Practices

Management Policy Templates

Code of Conduct, Whistleblower, Conflict of Interest, and others are now required policies for many contractors. Our Management policies and procedures templates help you develop administrative manuals that meet your needs.

The Contractor Edition includes over 200 template files of policies, procedures, spreadsheet tools, and checklists. Also included is the Copedia Framework, our forms library, LibLink, and legal section. Over 1800 files and 20MB in size.

Human Resource and Safety

The Copedia HR and Safety Programs are available in both MS Download and Google Web App formats. The Copedia Web App provides anywhere, anytime access in a secure and customizable online enviroment.

The following is a partial list of templates that are included with the Contractor Template Library:

Accounting for Revenue

Policy for ensuring you handle revenue properly. Plus, tools like spreadsheet tools like the Summary of Contracts calculate over/under billing on longer term contracts. Included.

ASC 606 Revenue Recognition Policy included in the Compliance Editions.

Contractor Forms and Templates

If you need a form - look no more, our Forms Library is exhaustive. We have literally thousands of forms. We spent years developing this library. Our Forms Library is a must have for every office manager and controller. Click here to learn more.

Management Controls, Policies and Procedures

Over 40 prewritten policies, procedures, and internal controls help you easily make a Management and Accounting Manual and Develop Standard Operating Procedures. Implement Best Management Practices. Click here to learn more.

Expense Accounting & Management

Helps with required documentation, process flow, coding and expense management policy. In construction operations, project documentation can easily end up on the floor. Putting your expectations in writing is a must.

Employee Policies with Supervisor Handbook

Made for contractors and their workforces. Works with the Safety Program.

Contractor Safety Program - 29 CFR Part 1926 or 1910

Complete safety program for construction contractors and general industry. Comply with OSHA. Get 3rd party certifications and pass insurance audits.

Contractor Office Tasks

Lists standard contractor office management duties and who is responsible. Covers Payroll and HR, Accounts Receivable and Payable, General Ledger, Job Costing, Tax Reporting, Business Development, Operations, Misc., Safety and Environment.

Office Task List

Inventory Management and Control

Covers receiving, security, division of duties, coding, pricing and costing, monthly processing, and more.

Telephone Answering Procedures

Provides the proper protocol and helps ensure the front line is promoting a professional image.

Records Management

Records management policies, procedures and schedules for projects.

Risk Management

The risk management policy and procedures templates help you put Business Risk in perspective and identify mitigation measures. Refer to the menu item "Risk Management" for more details.

Risk Memos

A Policy and procedure template for managing risk on unique projects.

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