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Education Platform Overview

Our affiliation with Brain Trust University (BTU) and BT Campus allows us to bring thousands of free courses from reputable providers to our customers. Our education platform is designed specifically for businesses and is ideal for, training, upskilling, and developing talent. Our platform is also a perfect employee benefit and transition tool during furloughs and layoffs.

Brain Trust University and BT Campus offer a new way of delivering higher education - independent of employer or educational institution. This enables members to easily develop a record of their educational and professional accomplishments supported by documented knowledge skills and abilities.

Brain Trust University

The mission of Brain Trust University is to provide low cost, high quality accredited degree programs to its membership. University members include businesses and their employees.

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The Brain Trust University education platform is named BT Campus.

BT Campus

BT Campus is a social and collaborative life-long learning platform that enables business people to centralize all post-secondary education into a members (students) personal education studio. Member education studios are personal and remain with the student regardless of employer. The studio details accomplishments, skills, knowledge, and abilities. The studio also contains the members personal course catalog, planner, notes and records.

Templates, Education and Training Bundles

We offer packages designed specifically for small teams to customize their policies and procedures in the education studio complete with access to our library and course catalog.

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    Providing an inexpensive yet valuable education benefit
    Transition plans in the event of layoffs
    Students nixing college and directly entering the workforce
    Solving business needs by learning in groups and teams
    Working and learn with other businesses on shared problems
    Developing your talent
    Developing your own career path with supporting credentials
    Identify which talent is (and is not) interested in continued professional development