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Human Resource and Employee Manuals

The Copedia HR and Employee Handbook Templates include employee and supervisor handbooks, human resource policies and procedures, administration and conduct manual, the payroll procedures manual, HR forms, and compliance tools for all 50 states. 

The manuals are easy to read and ready to print or customize if necessary.  They are thorough and not lengthy.  "Legally" they promote an employment at will relationship.  Even though our employee handbook is tried and proven, you should have your final version reviewed by your attorney to ensure it complies with your specific requirements.   

The forms module includes everything from job descriptions to independent contractor agreements.  If you need a HR form, you will likely find it either in our forms directory or through LibLink (our link module).  LibLink contains an extensive HR section covering forms, HR sites, quality examples, and HR organizations.

The HR manual includes over 100 Employee policies.  Click here to see some partial text of the templates.  The following is a more complete list to the templates included in our Employee Manual / Handbook:

Employment Policies  Employee Policy and Procedure Cover Page

This template promotes an employment at will relationship and lays the ground work for your handbook.


Covers leaves of absence including FMLA - the Family and Medical Leave Act , Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA), sick leave, job abandonment, Bereavement Leave, Jury Duty / Court Appearances, Leave Requirements for Grant Employees, Leave Without Pay, Personal Leave, Voting Leave, Weather Emergencies and Adverse Conditions.

Wage and Salary Policies    

Discusses pay day, deductions, overtime, advances, and wage increases. 

Employee Benefits Policies  

This template provides an overview of the 11 most common Employee Benefits.  Plan specifics are not covered as they will be included in your benefits handbook. 

Employee Safety and Health Policies    

This is not our safety program, rather it sets forth company policy. 

Codes of Conduct and Corrective Action Policies 

This section identifies standards of conduct expected of all employees and explains corrective action measures that may be taken by the Company. 

Employee Communication Policies   

Explains the various mechanisms the company will use to communicate with employees, including grievances. 

Employee Acknowledgement   

A form for the employee to sign acknowledging receipt of the handbook and terms of interpretation.

Workers Compensation Procedure Acknowledgement 

A form for the employee to sign indicating they understand the company procedure regarding workplace injuries and claims.

Employee Recruitment and Hiring    

The purpose of this procedure is to establish a consistent method used to recruit and hire employees and ensure compliance with governmental regulations and company Policy. 

Employee Terminations    

This procedure provides guidance for employee terminations and identifies some common legal pitfalls.  

Employee Expense Reimbursement    

A document that puts it on paper.  Works great with the Travel Policy and forms.


Policy and travel itinerary form, use it with the employee expense reimbursement procedure.

Internet and Cell Phone Usage

This policy discusses acceptable use of company provided devices, establishes procedures for software and app downloads, and sets expectations for employee privacy while using phones and computers.

Email Policy

Discusses the appropriate use of email and establishes user responsibilities.


Administration and Conduct Policy Manual

This 35 page policy manual includes:

Administrative Procedures

Telephone Protocol

Office Task List

Code of Ethics Policy

Whistle blowing Policy

Fraud and Embezzlement Policy

Conflict of Interest Policy

Division of Duties and Delegation of Authority Policies


Supervisor Handbook

Hiring, Rehiring, and Terminating Employees 

A template that provides the basics for supervisory personnel. 

Purchasing Materials and Renting Equipment 

A template describing your policies regarding expenditures.  Very similar to our purchasing policy.


The reality of paperwork is that, other than filling out time cards, very few people like to do it.  This procedure helps you identify necessary paperwork and describe your requirements.

Contract Changes and Claims    

For project and job oriented businesses.  This  section is designed to provide guidance for change order requests and minimize un-collectable change order billings.  


Helps you identify and describe company expectations for supervisory safety responsibilities. This is a policy statement for employees and supervisors.


Payroll Procedures Manual

A 30 plus page manual covering:

The Payroll Process

Payroll Expense Distribution

Employee Personnel Files

Ongoing Payroll Activities

Process Flowchart

Required Deductions


Employee Receivables

Employer Paid Taxes

Unemployment Insurance

Payroll Processing

Payroll Cycle Flowchart

Payroll Internal Controls


Human Resource Forms and Agreements

Over 60 Forms Including:

New Employee Survey
Accident Report
Affirmative Action Form
Applicant Release
Cobra Rights Notice Letter
Confidentiality Agreement
Disciplinary Notice
Disciplinary Action
Drug Test Consent Form
Employee Test Assessment
Employee Correction Form
Employee Evaluation
Employee Invention Agreement
Employee Non-Compete Agreement
Employee Orientation Checklist
Employment Application
Employment Reference Request
Employment Rejection Letter
Exit Interview Form
Independent Contractor Agreement
Independent Contractor Checklist
Independent Contractor Non-Compete
Independent Contractors and the IRS
Interview Questions

Job Descriptions
Notice of Dismissal
Overtime Authorization Form
Request for Leave without Pay
Salary Review
Termination Checklist
Travel and Expense Reimbursement Forms