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Policies and Procedures Module



Includes: Policies, Procedures, Flowcharts, Risk Management, Planning, Forms, and Links

The policies and procedures manual is a subset of the Accounting and Management Template Library.


Included in the Policies and Procedures manual is over 100 accounting and management templates of policies, procedures, flowcharts, spreadsheet tools, and 1500 links to additional content.


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Policies and Procedures - Contains over 100 management and accounting policy and procedure templates.



Administrative Procedures

Covers all the basics for administrative and office personnel including recordkeeping, filing, and forms.

Ethics Policy

Now required for all publicly traded companies and a smart policy for private businesses and non-profits.

Strategic Planning

This procedure describes the strategic planning process and provides a template for plan development.

Accounting for Revenue

Defines and classifies revenue types with tables for General Ledger codes.

Accounting for Expenses

Defines and classifies expense types with tables for General Ledger codes.

Accounting for Assets

Provides guidelines to properly accounting for assets including categorization, valuation methods, and G/L account code tables.

Accounting for Liabilities

Provides guidelines to properly accounting for liabilities including categorization, valuation methods, and G/L account code tables.

Accounts Payable    

Includes both an AP policy and procedures,


Quick and to the point, covers Purchase Orders and  the purchase of Materials and Rentals. 

Journal Vouchers

Designed to provide information on how to complete a Journal Voucher and how to document the Journal Voucher appropriately.

Accounts Receivable    

Includes an AR policy, Credit and collections procedures. 

Financial Analysis

The financial analysis spreadsheet provides a model for monitoring key financial ratio's.  Also works with the benchmarking templates.



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White Paper - How to write Policies and Procedures

Policies and Procedures template folders

Financial Reporting   

The financial reporting policy sets realistic timeframes for the production of statements and identifies important reports for your monthly binder.

Cash Management    

Covers both cash registers and cash received by mail.  If you handle cash, you need a written policy.  Budgeting and forecasting are not included, they are a separate template. 

Division of Duties    

Perhaps one of the most important policies for any business.  Protect your assets.  This policy helps you identify conflicting duties and could save you big time.

Delegated Authority    

Who's in charge and who says so.  The delegated authority policy authorizes specific people in the organization to conduct business on the company's behalf.  Helps you lay it out on paper.

Risk Management   

The risk management policy and procedures templates help you put Business Risk in perspective and identify mitigation measures.

Risk Memos

A Policy and procedure template for managing risk on unique projects. 

Employee Expense Reimbursement    

A document that puts it on paper.  Works great with the Travel Policy and forms.


Policy and travel itinerary form, use it with the employee expense reimbursement procedure.

Purchasing Materials and Renting Equipment 

A template describing your policies regarding expenditures.  Very similar to our purchasing policy.


The reality of paperwork is that, other than filling out time cards, very few people like to do it.  This procedure helps you identify necessary paperwork and describe your requirements.

Contract Changes and Claims    

For project and job oriented businesses.  This  section is designed to provide guidance for change order requests and minimize un-collectable change order billings.  


Helps you identify and describe company expectations for supervisory safety responsibilities. This is a policy statement for employees and supervisors, and not our complete safety program.

Mechanics Liens   

When your business makes improvements to real property you need a procedure to protect your interest in the event of non-payment.  This  procedure provides the template you can customize to your states requirements.

Telephone Answering Procedures

Provides the proper protocol and helps ensure the front line is promoting a professional image.

Office Tasks and Reporting    

Lists standard office management duties and who is responsible.  Covers Payroll and HR, Accounts Receivable and Payable, General Ledger, Job Costing, Tax Reporting, Business Development, Operations, Misc., Safety and Environment.






Our link library contains approximately 1000 links to sites on the internet that we think you need to know about.  We identify lots of free stuff and great sites, so if you are surfing for business content, our link library will save you time.  The links are well organized into 112 folders by topic.


Approximately 20 Federal Laws that every senior manager should read.  Taken directly from the US Code, organized, and condensed into the most relevant sections.  In our Link Library you will also find great links to legal content and free forms.


If you need a form - look no more, our Forms Library is exhaustive.  Literally thousands of forms.  About 50 that we developed and links to everything we could find available on the internet, most of them free.  We spent months developing this library.  Our Forms Library is a must have for every office manager and controller.