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Project Management Templates

D3 PM Templates

The Copedia Project templates are based on The D3 Method TM. The D3 Method is a project delivery system for small, large, simple and complex projects including contracts, grants, audits, construction, IT, software, videos, policy manual development and many other types of projects. The D3 Method provides a quick and easy project delivery system to help you stay organized and successfully complete your projects. It's simple, not complex and easy to use.

The D3 Method eBook is available standalone or with the project management templates.

PM Overview

The D3 Method is used to complete all types of projects. It's scalable and easy to understand. All you need is MS Word and Excel.

The D3 PM system is an integrated and comprehensive framework scalable to large projects and the smaller more common projects you do every day. The D3 Method will change the way you think about and complete projects.

project management manual

The eBook with templates is designed to help you produce a project management system and manual for your employees.

It includes an overview of project management, our Supervisor Handbook, recordkeeping, PM forms, PM Safety, the risk management framework including project risk list, and project internal controls. The templates include project management policies and procedures with evaluation tools.

Project Forms

Project forms include:
Activity Schedule
Backlog Report
Bid Tracker
Change Order
Contract Terms and Conditions
Contractor Evaluation Form
Daily Log
Estimate Detail
Estimate Summary
Extra Work Order
Gantlet Chart
Graph Paper
Issue Log
Issue Report
Issue Resolution
Job Master
Notice of Completion
Summary of Contracts
and more...