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Safety Manual Program Template

Safety Program Overview

The Copedia Safety Module is available in both downloadable templates and Online Web App format. The templates download in MS Word or give your employees direct access to your safety program and training materials from their PCs, tablets and smartphones with the app. This full featured Safety template set is ideal for construction, medical offices, warehousing, mining, manufacturing, and other hazardous work environments. It includes all the tools and training material you will need to develop a robust and complete Health Management System using state of the art technology.

Safety Templates

The Copedia Safety templates come loaded with content. If you get the app, it's loaded with content as well, easily customizable, and you can upload your existing programs and content, including videos. You can even customize the themes, layouts, fonts, and colors. The templates make a complete safety program which helps you comply with OSHA and State requirements. The templates include the content you need to demonstrate a comprehensive Safety and Health Management System. The safety program downloads in MS Word or print it to PDF files for easy upload to the myriad of certification, accreditation, insurance and government oversight requirements. Provide direct access to your safety programs and training from anywhere, at any time and on virtually any smart device.

Our Small Business Safety Edition is perfect for office type environments and available in app form.

The Copedia HR and Safety apps provide direct access to your employees on their PCs, tablets and smart phones. Works with Android, Chrome, Mac OS X, IOS and Windows devices.

Safety Policies, Procedures and Checklists

Statement of Policy
Goals, Enforcement and Responsibilities
Safety and Health Guidelines
Hazard Communication Program
Blood Borne Pathogens Program
Hazard Identification Software
Worksite Hazard Analysis
Hazard Prevention
Walking/Working Surfaces
Hearing Conservation
Accident Report - Physical Property
First Report of Injury
Crisis Management Procedures
Emergency Contacts Form
Designated Medical Provider
Driver Authorization Forms
Drug Testing Program
Records Keeping
Safety Warning Form
Safety Training
more Forms and Programs

and much more...

Employee Safety and Health Policies

This is a complete set of policies for your manual.

Codes of Conduct and Corrective Action Policies

This section identifies standards of conduct expected of all employees and explains corrective action measures that may be taken by the Company.

Employee Communication Policies

Explains the various mechanisms the company will use to communicate with employees, including grievances.

Employee Acknowledgement

A form for the employee to sign acknowledging receipt of the handbook and terms of interpretation.

Workers Compensation Procedure Acknowledgement

A form for the employee to sign indicating they understand the company procedure regarding workplace injuries and claims.

Supervisor Handbook


Copedia Safety App

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Education and Training

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