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LibLink is our library of links to business related content. 

Why do I need your Links?

We have run multiple searches using many different search engines on the over 125 topics related to our content.  We then reviewed each of the sites individually, sometimes going as far as 50-100 pages deep on the search engine results.  We also explored each of the sites and the links to their favorite sites.  The result of this effort is a human categorization of the internet identifying about 1500 top quality business content sites you should know about - and in many cases, you simply will not find otherwise.

What topics are covered?

All the topics relating to our products plus items like quality and quality manuals, disaster planning and manuals, benchmarking, best management practices, valuation, computers, software, continuity, government, HR, finance, accounting, safety, legal.  In addition, you will find industry specific information for health care, construction, manufacturing, and non-profits.  LibLink is included with all products.

How does it work?

LibLink a module of folders filled with shortcut files.  Shortcut files are hyperlinks.  Hyperlink files are short cuts to valuable information on the internet.  Shortcut files are the files that drive your "Favorites" and "Start" buttons in Windows.  You can run LibLink from the folders or you can install it to run in "Favorites" or "Start".  Installation is as easy as copy and paste.  Instructions are included.