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Benchmarking and Best Practices

The Benchmarking and Best Practice templates are included with the Content Library, Accounting and Management Template Library, or licensed separately as a module. 


This module includes the Copedia Benchmarking spreadsheet and Benchmarking policy.  The spreadsheet provides worksheets for financial, accounting, customer, supply chain, human resource, project, and safety benchmarks.  Approximately 250 key benchmarks are tracked.  Financial ratios, total sales, and total overhead figures are updated from the Financial Analysis Model (also included).

Best Practices

The Best Practices templates include, an 8 page Best Practice Policy, and a database of approximately 700 Best Practices covering Assets, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Cash, Checks, Financial Reporting, Job Costing, Marketing/Customers, Data Integrity, Payroll and HR, Project Management, Purchasing, Receiving and Warehousing, Safety, Sales and Estimating, Retail, the Control Environment, Control Activities, Risk Assessment, Information and Communications, and Monitoring.

The Best Practices are delivered in both text and spreadsheet formats so you can develop and print Best Practices documentation or questionnaires and use the spreadsheet to evaluate compliance with your best practice system.


Also included with Benchmarking and Best Practices are the risk management framework, planning templates, and the accounting flowcharts