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Policies and Procedures Template

SOP Standard Operating Policies and Procedures Templates

Copedia Style Templates Edition provide approximately 25 templates for you to develop standard operating procedures (SOP) and manuals using your content. Copedia Style Templates are included with the Copedia template libraries. 

These templates help you communicate the correct information in easy to navigate and understand formats.

Policies and Procedures Manual

Table of Contents - Sample formats to help keep things organized.

Manual Cover Pages - 4 styles to choose from. Also includes a spreadsheet tool to help manage the process, and track updates.

Accounting Process Flowchart Templates

Many processes and procedures are best described by using a flowchart.

process flowchart

Templates Download in Word and Excel

All Templates download in MS Word and Excel for easy customization.

Compliance, Certifications, Accreditations

Copedia also provides a correct framework for compliance with ISO certification, Accreditations, Board requirements, and other government agency type audits which require that you have documented corporate policies and procedures, an internal control system, and an integrated risk management framework. The Copedia compliance templates and internal control evaluation tools, policy and procedures, and checklists provide the tools you need.

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