Accounting and Management Templates

Accounting and Management Template Library

This library provides a correct framework to obtain accreditations, certifications, and satisfy audits and boards which require that you have documented policies and procedures, an internal control system and a risk management framework. Includes the accounting, management, and internal control template sets in one download. The Copedia templates and internal control evaluation tools, policy and procedures, and checklists provide the tools you need.

All templates are delivered in MS Word and Excel format. Following is a partial list of templates included in the Accounting and Management Template Library:

Accounting and Management

Overview of includes:

  • Accounting Policies and Procedures
  • Board and Governance Policies
  • Management Policies and Procedures
  • Internal Control Templates
  • Internal Control Evaluation Tools
  • Segregation/Division of Duties identified in the documents
  • Flowcharts of accounting processes for visuals
  • Business and Strategic Planning
  • Records Management
  • Risk Management
  • Purchasing
  • Benchmarking and Best Practices

The Accounting and Management Template Library includes over 200 template files of policies, procedures, spreadsheet tools, and checklists. Also included is the Copedia Framework, our forms library, LibLink, and legal section. Over 1800 files and 20MB in size.

The following is a partial list of templates that are included with the Accounting and Management Template library:

Board Governance Policy

One of the most important policies for nonprofits and those entities needing to comply with Sarbanes Oxley. This is a 9 page policy statement that covers the governing body, its structure, purpose, and governance policies. Also included are job descriptions for the board and its officers, committee descriptions with membership requirements, and responsibilities designated.

Administrative Procedures

Covers all the basics for administrative and office personnel including recordkeeping, filing, and forms.

Ethics, Code of Business Conduct, and Conflict of Interest Policies

Now required for all publicly traded companies and non-profits. These are smart policies for all private businesses.

Whistleblower and Protected Disclosure Policy

Again, a required policy for many organizations including those complying with Sarbanes Oxley and nonprofits.

Business and Strategic Planning

These templates describe the planning processes, beginning with the Mission statement, and provide templates for your business and strategic plans.

Accounting for Revenue

Defines and classifies revenue types with tables for General Ledger codes.

Unidentified Receipts Lost Payments Returned Checks Budgeting

A policy and procedure describing the budgeting process and formal adoption of the budget. Accounting for Expenses Defines and classifies expense types with tables for General Ledger codes.

Accounting for Assets

Provides guidelines to properly accounting for assets including categorization, valuation methods, and G/L account code tables.

Accounting for Liabilities

Provides guidelines to properly accounting for liabilities including categorization, valuation methods, and G/L account code tables.

Accounts Payable

Accounts Payable Includes both an AP policy and procedures, Purchasing Quick and to the point, covers Purchase Orders and the purchase of Materials and Rentals.

Investment Policy

A board policy that describes the organizations policy relating to investments and portfolio management.

Office Tasks and Reporting

Lists standard office management duties and who is responsible. Covers Payroll and HR, Accounts Receivable and Payable, General Ledger, Job Costing, Tax Reporting, Business Development, Operations, Misc., Safety and Environment.

office task list

Inventory Management and Control

Covers receiving, security, division of duties, coding, pricing and costing, monthly processing, and more.

Telephone Answering Procedures

Provides the proper protocol and helps ensure the front line is promoting a professional image.

Sales Manual Fund Raising Policy

Ideal for project managers. Includes guidelines for the PM process, estimating and PM checklists, forms, supervisor handbook, and more. Easily develop a project handbook.

Gift and Donation Policy

A must have for all nonprofits.

Records Management

Records management policies, procedures and schedules.

Sales Management

Sales Manual Pro - Sales and pipeline management for individuals and sales teams.

Delegated Authority

Delegated Authority Who's in charge and who says so. The delegated authority policy authorizes specific people in the organization to conduct business on the company's behalf. Helps you lay it out on paper.

Copedia Sarbanes Oxley Compliance Tools

For hard and soft compliance with the Act. The Copedia SOX404Lite templates help provide for compliance with the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002.


Copedia SOX404Lite is our template set for small public companies needing SEC compliance with section 404(a) of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. Licensed Separately.

Email Policy

Policies, procedures and schedules.

Internet and Cell Phone Use Policy

Easy policies for Bring Your Own Device.

Journal Vouchers

Designed to provide information on how to complete a Journal Voucher and how to document the Journal Voucher appropriately.

Accounts Receivable

Includes an AR policy, Credit and collections procedures.

Financial Reporting

The financial reporting policy sets realistic timeframes for the production of statements and identifies important reports for your monthly binder.

accounting for expenses

Cash Management

Covers both cash registers and cash received by mail. If you handle cash, you need a written policy.

Division of Duties

Perhaps one of the most important policies for any business. Protect your Assets. This policy helps you identify conflicting duties.

Risk Management

The risk management policy and procedures templates help you put Business Risk in perspective and identify mitigation measures. Refer to the menu item "Risk Management" for more details.

Risk Memos

A Policy and procedure template for managing risk on unique projects.

Mechanics Liens

When your business makes improvements to real property you need a procedure to protect your interest in the event of non-payment. This procedure provides the template you can customize to your states requirements.

Accounting for Revenue, Gifts and Endowments

For those organizations that receive donations and grants which are used to support the maintenance of the organization.

Cash Drawers and Point of Sales

Explains the polices and procedures relating to cash registers and the point of sale.

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