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New Normal and Telework Policies with Workflow Templates

New Normal Policies, Procedures and Workflow

The New Normal

It is obvious that the business landscape has fundamentally changed. Business now means working from home, less people in the office, social distancing, masks, online collaboration, tele-education and telework are now every day topics and a fact of life. Employee Compass management tools help you create and manage new workflows and navigate issues created by this new reality.

The New Workflow

Furlough or Layoff? Who is coming back - and when? How many hours per week? Can we move any tasks to telework? What if there is another lockdown?

Employee Compass is a suite of MS Office templates and tools for employee accountability, performance management, and staff planning.  The accountability and planning tools help businesses better manage workflow, tasks, workloads, and performance expectations in this newly modified work environment.

The New Procedures

Complying with Local Public Health Orders and protecting your workers, customers and the public is now an everyday discussion. Masks at Work? Entry Screening? Distancing Requirements? A soft-opening? Capacity Limitations? Backup Personnel? Video meetings, video training, and teleworker surveillance?

Develop policies to avoid more outbreaks and lockdowns. No one wants a quarantined workforce or to be responsible for a public outbreak.

Document your workflow to ensure business continuity due to changing personnel and environmental disruptions or closings.

Also included are policies, agreements, checklists, and procedures for teleworking, virus education, and training. The templates help businesses establish COVID-19 policies for office sanitation and controlling virus spread in the workplace. They also include work from home, Intellectual Property and IT security policies and procedures.

Employee Compass

The templates help businesses document and manage workflow using familiar MS Office software. They come pre-populated with tasks and workflow logic for standard office, accounting, and operations procedures. Education and training video templates are delivered via PowerPoint templates, so you can easily make custom videos from the templates. We include pdf, MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access, and SharePoint templates.

New Policies, Procedures & Workflow Templates

Telework Agreement

A 10 page telework agreement complete with checklists and training.

Update Employee Handbooks

In response to both internal and new governmental mandates, many companies and nonprofits have laid off and furloughed employees. They've also started teleworking from home. Internal handbooks and other SOP documentation must be updated to reflect the changed workscape.

Update your Workplace Policies

Pre-Arrival Screening, If Sick, Stay at Home Policy, Social Distancing Policies, Masks. Workflow with backups and workloads for planned absences. Cross training and virus training.

Position Task Documentation

Most companies have job descriptions, but many companies fail when it comes to adequate task documentation. Job descriptions tend to focus on what position responsibilities are, rather than how the responsibilities are fulfilled. Position task documentation spells out step by step how responsibilities are completed. Employee Compass provides the necessary tools to document process steps, task by task. This helps employees understand how to do their jobs and helps employers understand the time required to complete individual workflow items.

Copedia A standard framework of templates

Task Location Analysis

Some tasks and job duties can’t be done at home and new social distancing requirements may permit less employees in the workplace. Employee Compass helps employers identify and document which tasks can be performed by location and analyze position requirements so that in the office and out of the office tasks can be scheduled and appropriately balanced workloads can be determined.

Balanced Workloads

As positions are modified and the location where work is performed changes, certain duties may need to be reallocated to achieve balanced and efficient employee workloads.

Position Justification

Once tasks are properly documented and task locations are analyzed, employee workloads can be accurately documented. Our software helps employers appropriately balance workloads and justify positions.

Lack of access to needed information

When you are in the office it is easy to just to ask where information is located. When working from home, employees can spend an inordinate amount of time just looking for the data they need. New from home workers are often surprised by the added time and effort needed to locate information from coworkers. Even getting answers to what seem like simple questions can feel like a large obstacle to a worker based at home. The Employee Compass templates help you make it easy to find information.

Employee Asset Lists

Remote workers will need company assets at the remote work location which is likely to be their home. Work at home policies should specify use, custody, storage, and return requirements. Although when in the office it may be obvious that an office chair or desk is missing, it may not be so obvious that company assets like office equipment and supplies were acquired via an expense report and didn’t make it on the asset list. Likewise, it may not be apparent that at home company office equipment has become employees’ children’s play toys.

Performance Management

When employees are in the office it can be obvious who is performing up to expectation. When people work remotely, it’s not so clear. Employers need a system that communicates performance expectations to remote workers.

Training and Cross Training

When employees work remotely employers need a system to deliver new training, refreshers, and identify necessary cross training. Failing to keep up with training is one of the easiest ways for your team to start doing things their own way instead of the company way.

Visual and Verbal Documentation

Our system for creating visual and verbal documentation provides a better way to communicate. Workflow, tasks, training, and issues are more thoroughly documented and communicated visually and verbally, especially things like remote workers, meetings, IT problems, project issues, and SOPs. The visual / verbal process is much easier than writing, provides for increased comprehension, and saves time by allowing your employees to cover more ground quicker.

Communication policies that cover multiple Communication Platforms

Using email, video conferencing, and messaging helps keep communication varied and interesting. Some people only want to talk on the phone, some just want to instant message, others prefer email, and still others don’t like video conferencing. Use tools like Slack, Microsoft Teams, and Google Meet. Employee Compass helps you keep it varied so people don’t fall into a single platform routine.

Work from home policies addressing the home environment

Distractions, inadequate or suboptimal workspaces, and parenting interruptions must be addressed in your remote worker policies. Many homes are not set up for work from home. And many children are now part of the work at home equation. We can all visualize an employee sitting or lying down in the living room holding their child while typing on a laptop. This is an unfortunate, but realistic representation of ineffective virtual work. Employers must establish remote worker policies to ensure that their work from home employees have both dedicated workspace and adequate child supervision or care - before allowing them to work remotely. Managers must expect these distractions and plan for decreased productivity, especially during an unplanned work-from-home transition.

Remember the importance of social interaction

Remote workers can and will feel isolated. Managers need to make time and provide opportunities for nonwork related interactions. Employee Compass helps managers establish routine procedures for in informal social interactions and incorporate them into the daily workflow.

Vacation and Succession Planning

Whether anticipated or unanticipated, the Employee Compass workflow, task, training, and employee asset lists provide an invaluable tool to assist in vacation and succession planning.

Copedia A standard framework of templates

Employee Compass

Our tools are delivered in easy to use Microsoft 365 Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access. They are easily used with SharePoint and Teams. They include a predeveloped workflow and task database, and prewritten remote worker and work from home policies and procedures. Employee Compass was developed by C-level executives and CPAs. 30 minutes of professional training is included.

Templates Download in Word and Excel

All Templates download in MS Office for easy customization.

Ensure Compliance

Copedia provides a correct framework for corporate and Board compliance which require that you have documented internal policies and procedures, an internal control system, and an integrated risk management framework. The Copedia compliance templates and internal control evaluation tools, policy and procedures, and checklists provide the tools you need.