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Sales Manual Pro Templates

Sales Manual Pro - the book

An easy to read yet in depth eBook on selling that's also available as a customized app.

Sales Techniques and Salesmanship

Sales Manual Pro is filled with the proven techniques and tools needed Sales Manual Pro for successful sales. Success in sales requires knowledge of sales methods and best practices combined with either innate talent or skills developed through practice and discipline. It also requires genuine concern and honesty with your customer and their requirements. Sales Manual Pro delivers a proven training framework to increase and excel in sales.

Professional Sales Manual

Sales Manual Pro delivers proven professional sales techniques that have stood the test of time and transitioned them to meet the needs of today’s sophisticated buyer. It strips away the corporate jargon and acronyms that make the sales process confusing and allows the reader to better comprehend a process that best fits their needs and personality. It looks at sales from both the seller and buyers perspective and expounds on the importance of the relationship.

Sales Training and Skill Development

Sales Manual Pro - Sales and pipeline management for individuals and sales teams.

This product is written for beginners, students, sales professionals and managers. It is communicated in an uncomplicated, easy to read, and simple to understand form. The book is designed to help you:

* Fully understand the sales process
* Improve sales skills and abilities
* Improve communication with clients
* Increase sales and profits by use of proven techniques and best practices

Forecasting and Territory Management

Sales Manual Pro will help you understand the importance of forecasting and the different types of forecasting. Along the way, SMP will take you through Customer and Territory Management and how to put together a Territory Management Plan.

The result is a perceptive and practical approach to understanding, implementing and being successful in any area of sales.

Sales Manual Pro should be required reading for everyone whether you are thinking about making sales a career ambition, new into sales or a seasoned sales professional. It's an ideal framework and training system. Sales Manual Pro is a Trademark of Endeavor, Inc.


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